Returns Management Services

> Review current returns policy.

> Manage the returns process from return authorization request to issuance of credit.

> Assure that before credit is finalized, that the debit requests adheres to returns policy. Verification includes:

  • Pricing
  • Partials
  • Over or under expired
  • Third party batch returns

> File credit memos with wholesalers and retailers and follow up on any payback requests.

> Maintain a web based database of all debit and credit memos with the ability to export line level detail of all returns processed by ATNA.

> eStrat returns system has 812 functionality for electronic submissions with wholesalers.

> We will also review all past returns and where applicable file payback requests to the wholesalers going as far back as:

  • 6 months for McKesson
  • 12 months for AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal

> We will also review all past returns and where applicable file payback requests to the wholesalers going as far back as 6-12 months, depending on the wholesaler.

Business Development

Pharma Services

  • Assist in building out your company’s service offerings
  • Evaluate your current expertise to ensure the build out makes strategic sense
  • Assist in sales of products and services to the pharma/healthcare industry


  • By leveraging our large network in the pharmaceutical industry, we can assist your company in finding strategically accurate products for purchase or in licensing.
  • Assist your company in placing products that you are attempting to out license or sell
  • Identify partners for co-promotion agreements, both one-way and bi-directional
  • Locate contract sales force organizations that suit the size and culture of your company
Sales and Sales Management
  • Our sales consultants are some of the most successful in the industry!
  • We only hire the best sales consultants!  Our ability to evaluate historical results and how they materialize allows us to measure success efficiently.
  • Being good at sales does not make you a good teacher or consultant.  You need successful experience and the ability to teach this to an audience in order to get results!
  • Business to Business Sales, Physician Sales and Consumer Sales
  • Our sales consulting is based on the company “C.A.R.E Concept” sales approach.
  • We use the same concepts in consulting sales management teams, as with sales consulting.
  • We have a wide variety of marketing consultants available to our clients.  They are available for short or long-term projects within pharma or pharma services companies.
  • Our team has experience in both professional and consumer marketing.
  • Our marketing consultants are experienced in start-ups, small, midsize and large pharma / pharma services companies.
  • Depending on your specific long-term or short-term needs, we will select the appropriate marketing consultant for your specific project. We will never provide you with an inexperienced consultant!  If we are not able to provide the help you need, we will let you know and forego the opportunity. Remember, our reputation takes precedence over revenue!
Co-Pay Offset and Free Trial Offers

Our company founder has over 10 years experience in designing and managing Co-Pay and Free Trial Offer programs.


  • Program crafted around business rules, co-pay amounts, data reporting etc.
  • Vendor selection and management. 
  • Program negotiations: We are very familiar with the cost of such programs and understand fair pricing. We know exactly what questions to ask vendors in order to gain the best deal for your money.
  • Program reporting: We will confirm the vendor you select has the most current reporting offerings related to your programs, and we will ensure they meet your needs.
Commercial Operations
  • Company structure of start-ups or improvements of existing companies
  • Creation and implementation of corporate strategy
  • Formation of SOP’s
  • Labeler code set-up
  • State licensing
  • Manufacturer audits

Reputation Over Revenue